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      Rhododendron brachycarpum subsp. tigerstedtii hybrids
    Finnish Hybrid Rhododendron
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:2 - 8 feet
SPREAD:3 - 6 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Because of the many species crossed with R. brachycarpum subsp. tigerstedtii there is tremendous variability in plant habit, flower color, and leaf shape. The breeding program started from a selection of 22,000 hybrid seedlings planted in Helsinki and was culled to 80 plants based on winter hardiness; flower buds hardy from -30° to –35°.
LIMITATIONS:Protect from winter sun and wind.
ORIGIN: Developed at the University of Helsinki, Finland from seed collected in mountains of Korea and Japan.
CULTIVARS:‘Haaga’ Rosy pink flowers; dark green foliage, 6' tall.; ‘Elviira’ Bright red flowers; low and spreading, 2' tall.; ‘Hellikki’ Dark violet-red flowers; dense spreading habit, 5'–6' tall; first in the Finnish series (1986).; ‘Mikkeli’ (‘St. Michel’) White flowers with green flecks, the latest in the series to flower; 5'–6' tall; considered the hardiest of the Finnish rhododendrons.; 'Peter Tigerstedt’ (‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt’) White flowers with violet flecks; upright habit, 6' tall.
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