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      Acer palmatum
    Japanese Maple
       Deciduous Tree
HEIGHT:15 - 25 feet
SPREAD:10 - 30 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Single or multi-stemmed; many varieties with numerous leaf forms; leaves maroon or green; graceful, spreading growth habit; leaves 5-9 lobed; winter buds with a beautiful fringe at their base; orange, red, yellow or purple fall color.
LIMITATIONS:Variegated varieties do not survive in Alaska; weeping forms can be damaged by snow and need support.
HARDINESS:SE (Zone 5) hardiness varies with cultivar; a few plants growing in protected areas in Anchorage; some are over-wintered indoors.
ORIGIN:Japan, China, and Korea
CULTIVARS:var. atropurpureum new leaves are maroon and often fade to green during summer; typically red autumn color; ‘Bloodgood’ or ‘Moonfire’ vigorous growth; retains maroon leaf color throughout summer; red purple autumn color; var. dissectum threadleaf Japanese maple; deeply divided leaves; green or red leaves turning red in autumn; branches often contorted; many cultivars with ‘Dissectum’ in the name; 6’-8’ tall; ‘Emperor I’ maroon leaves; more hardy than ‘Bloodgood’.
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