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      Pinus mugo (P. mugo subsp. mughus)
    Mugo Pine ( Swiss Mountain Pine, Mugho Pine )
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:2 - 12 feet
SPREAD:3 - 15 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Shrub or tree, quite variable in form and size; some varieties can grows to 50'+; excellent survivor; needles in clusters of 2, 1"-3" long; prefers well-drained soil; sun; prune new shoots, called candles, in spring to prevent irregular, sprawling form.
LIMITATIONS:Great variability in size so it may become much larger than advertised. Dwarf cultivars most useful in home landscapes; subject to moose browse; northern seed source produces the hardiest plants for interior and western Alaska; in Fairbanks does better with winter protection.
ORIGIN:Mountains of central and southern Europe.
CULTIVARS:‘Mops’ Dwarf globose form; mounded habit when young; opens up a bit with age; grows 3' tall, spread is wider.;‘Slowmound’ Globose mound, grows 3' tall and 3' wide.;Valley Cushion’ Very compact, flat topped, 1' tall and wide.; var. pumilio Variable in height compared to dwarf cultivars, grows to 5' tall and 10' wide; very hardy.; var. rostrata ‘Big Tuna’ Bushy, upright multi-stemmed, pyramidal shape; thickly branched; reaches 6'-8' high by 4'-6' wide.; var. rostrata ‘Tannenbaum’ Small, uniformly shaped, single-stem tree form; grafted on P. sylvestris rootstock; maintains lower branches; reaches 12' in height with 6' base spread. See entry under Evergreen Trees.
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