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      Juniperus horizontalis
    Creeping Juniper
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:1 - 2 feet
SPREAD:4 - 8 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Low, mat forming; useful as a ground cover; especially as a mass planting; edible blue fruits.
LIMITATIONS:Purplish to purple-brown in winter; needs good drainage; vulnerable to burning by dog and cat urine; needs winter cover to avoid winter burn and wind damage; full sun.
ORIGIN:North America, including interior and south central Alaska.
CULTIVARS:‘Andorra Compact’ Andorra juniper; flat-spreading, dense, compact form; 2' high, 10' spread; scale-like leaves turn purplish in winter; one of the most popular cultivars.; ‘Bar Harbor’ Low and compact; steel-blue leaves; a good groundcover usually under 12" high; good in interior Alaska.; ‘Blue Chip’ Excellent blue foliage in summer; tipped with purple in winter; 8"-10" tall.; ‘Blue Mat’ Dense, slow growing; 6" high; prostrate type with blue-green foliage; turns dark purplish in winter.; ‘Douglasii' Waukegan juniper; trailing form 1'-2' high, 6'-9' spread; steel blue foliage turns grayish-purple in winter; rapid grower; good choice for sandy soils.; ‘Emerald Spreader’ Very low, 7"spreader; heavily set with emerald green branchlets giving a full, feathery appearance.; ‘Hughes’ Prostrate, spreading form; silvery-blue foliage; holds blue-green color in winter; good ground cover; 12"-18" tall.; ‘Icee Blue’® (‘Monber’PBR) Improved Blue rug juniper; fuller compact form; color a better intense silvery-blue, 6" tall.; ‘Plumosa’ Andorra juniper; wide-spreading, dense, compact form; 2’ high, 10’ spread; scale-like leaves turn purplish in winter; popular variety.; ‘Prince of Wales’ Bright green with bluish tinge caused by waxy bloom; leaves tinged purple in winter; 4"–6" tall; considered hardy to -40ºF.; ‘Wiltonii’ Blue rug juniper; ground hugging habit; silvery-blue foliage; 4"-6" tall, 3'–5' wide; good for interior Alaska.; ‘Yukon Belle’ Bright silvery blue, dense, fine textured foliage; turns dark purplish-green in winter; selected from a native Alaskan plant by John Holm in Fairbanks; good for interior.
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