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      Thuja occidentalis
    Arborvitae ( Eastern Arborvitae, Northern White Cedar )
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:1 - 15 feet
SPREAD:1 - 8 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Slim to broadly conical; reddish brown peeling bark; flattened branchlets with soft, scale-like leaves; can be sheared;
LIMITATIONS:Needs full sun; foliage is scraggly in partial shade. Moose and deer will eat these and damage is difficult to impossible to repair.
HARDINESS: SC, SE (Zone 3-4)
ORIGIN: Northeast United States and southeast Canada
CULTIVARS:‘Emerald’ (‘Smaragd’) Narrow, compact, pyramidal form; bright green foliage; retains color in winter, 10'-15' tall, 3'-4' wide; hardy to -40°.; ‘Hetz Midget’ Dense, globose form; 3'-4' tall.; ‘Holmstrup’ Narrow pyramidal form, compact and slow growing; 10' tall; ‘Little Giant’ Globose form, slow growing; good for rock gardens; 3'-5' tall, 3'-5' wide.; ‘Technito’® (‘BailJohn’) Pyramidal form, more compact than ‘Techny’; dark green with good winter color retention; 6' tall, 30” wide.; ‘Techny’ Pyramidal form; known for its dark green foliage year-round; suggested for northern landscapes; grows slower than ‘Nigra’; 10-15' tall, 6'-8' wide.; ‘Techny Globe’ Upright, globe form; bright green foliage; may require pruning to keep shape; 4'-5' tall, 4'-5' wide.; ‘Teddy’ Globe-shaped, petite, good for rock gardens; grayish green foliage, bronze in winter; 1.5' tall, 1.5' wide.; ‘Wareana’ Siberian arborvitae; pyramidal shape, dense form; thick, leathery foliage tinged blue; 10' tall, 5' wide.
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