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      Pinus banksiana
    Jack Pine
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:2 - 2 feet
SPREAD:2 - 4 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Tolerates dry sandy soils; needles in clusters of 2, .75"-1.5" long. Appears to be less preferred by moose than lodgepole pine; grows in Fairbanks in only the warmest locations. See entry under Evergreen Trees.
LIMITATIONS:Needs well-drained soil; northern seed source important for hardiness.
ORIGIN: North America; nearly reaches the Arctic Circle in Canada and grows south to northern Minnesota and New York
CULTIVARS:‘Chippewa’ Low, irregular shrub; very dwarf, grows 1 to 1.5" per year; good for Bonsai and troughs.; ‘Manomet’ (‘Monomet’) Upright globe shaped shrub; needles only 1/4" long; grows at half the rate of ‘Schoodic’, 2' tall in 10 years.; ‘Schoodic’ Flat, prostrate form 2' tall x 4'.
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