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      Picea abies
    Norway Spruce
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:1 - 10 feet
SPREAD:1 - 10 feet
DISTINCTIONS:See entry under Evergreen Trees.
LIMITATIONS:Dwarf cultivars occasionally revert to vigorous growth that must be pruned to maintain dwarf form.
ORIGIN: Northern and central Europe
CULTIVARS:‘Clanbrassiliana’ Slow growing with a tight, round habit of growth; often wider than high; branchlets thin, white to light green, long and glossy; 1' tall, 1.5' wide.; ‘Elegans’ 3' tall; conical form; good in south central.; ‘Little Gem’ Very dwarf form similar to ‘Nidiformis’; flat-topped globe with bird’s nest depression in center, good in south central; 24"-30" tall, 3'-4' wide.; ‘Microsperma’ Regular broad conical habit, 10' high by 10' wide; bright green, glossy needles.; ‘Mucronata’ Irregular, mounding habit, strong growth when older; blue-green, glossy, thick and flat needles; 5' tall.; ‘Nidiformis’ (See separate entry); ‘Ohlendorffii’ Conical form; green needles tinged with yellow; 5' tall after 30 years.; ‘Pendula’ Weeping Norway spruce; must be trained upright or it will trail along the ground.; ‘Pumila’ Globe shaped and flattened, compact but lower branches spreading while upper branches erect; 3'-4' tall.; ‘Procumbens’ One of the lowest forms reaching only 2'-3' high and up to 12' wide; strong growing; flat-topped form with crowded, thin, stiff branchlets.; ‘Pygmaea’ Dwarf, conical, very dense habit; 4'-5' tall, 3'-4'wide.
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