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      Chamaecyparis obtusa
    Hinoki Cypress ( Hinoki False Cypress )
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:2 - 20 feet
SPREAD:5 - 15 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Dark, glossy green foliage; requires high moisture, but needs well-drained soil. See entry under Evergreen Trees.
LIMITATIONS:Slow growth; best in protected locations.
ORIGIN: Japan, Taiwan
CULTIVARS:‘Compacta’ - Dwarf, broad conical shape; 6’–20’ high and 5’–15’ wide.; ‘Filicoides Compacta’ Fine textured fern-like appearance; narrow habit; growing to 10' tall.; ‘Gracilis’ Compact pyramidal form; slightly weeping branches; growing to 9' tall with a spread of 5'.; ‘Pygmaea’ Creeping, almost prostrate branches; slow growth; 2'-4' in height; wider than tall.
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