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      Abies koreana
    Korean Fir
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:1 - 6 feet
SPREAD:2 - 6 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Dark green upper needles, silvery beneath; distinctive brightly colored blue to violet cones; full sun; pH 6.1-7.5; See entry under Evergreen Trees.
LIMITATIONS:Slow growing; more heat tolerant than most true firs; shallow root system; does not do well on compacted soils; does not like excessively moist soils; handling may cause skin irritation.
HARDINESS: SC, SE (Zone 4-5)
ORIGIN: Mountains in South Korea
CULTIVARS:‘Blauer Pfiff’ Dwarf, pyramidal tree with full sized blue-purple violet cones; needles blue-green 4’ high by 2’ wide.; ‘Cis’ Flat ball shape with deep green needles; grows 1" per year; nice rock garden plant.; ‘Horstmann’s Silberlocke’ Slow-growing, upright form to 20’ high by 6’ in many years; needles curve up to show silver undersides.
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