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      Chamaecyparis nootkatensis (Cupressus nootkatensis)
    Alaska Cedar ( Alaska Cypress, Nootka False Cypress, Yellow Cypress, Alaska Yellow Cedar )
       Evergreen Tree
HEIGHT:40 - 100 feet
SPREAD:15 - 30 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Usually a medium size tree; unusual drooping branches; dull gray needles; small, gray cones; transplants easily.
LIMITATIONS:Needs wind protection and high moisture; develops into a large plant, needs space, but very slow growing in SC. Plant in the most protected locations, like the north side of a house. No knowledge of trees growing in or north of Anchorage.
ORIGIN:Southeast Alaska to Yakutat; northeast half of Prince William Sound, Pacific coast region through British Columbia and in the mountains of central Washington, Oregon and northwest California.
CULTIVARS:‘Pendula’ Weeping branches.
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