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      Rosa arkansana
    Parkland Rose ( Prarie Rose )
       Deciduous Shrub
HEIGHT:2 - 5 feet
SPREAD:2 - 5 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Continuous blooming from summer to frost.
LIMITATIONS:Thorns, does not do well in SE (wet locations) due to fungus. May die back but flowers on new growth.
ORIGIN:Hybrids of native prairie roses from Morden Research Station, Canada.
CULTIVARS:‘Assiniboine’ purplish-red flowers, reaches 3' to 4' in height; ‘Adelaide Hoodless’ clusters of ruby-red, semi-double flowers; reaches 2' to 4' in height; poor vigor.; ‘Cuthbert Grant’ large, semi-double, dark velvety-red flowers; reaches 2' to 4' in height; winter kills to snowline.; ‘Morden Blush’ double ivory-pink flowers, similar to old-fashioned roses; reaches 2' to 3' in height.; ‘Morden Centennial’ pink flowers; perhaps most common and hardy of Mordens.; ‘Morden Fireglow’ orange-red to scarlet flowers; reaches 3' to 4' in height.; ‘Morden Ruby’ ruby red streaked flowers; leggy growth habit; may be trained to climb.
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