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      Ribes hurtellum
    Gooseberry, American
       Deciduous Shrub
HEIGHT:1 - 3 feet
SPREAD:1 - 3 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Spreading shrub; edible fruit; maroon or scarlet fall leaf color; self-fertile; plant in full sun or part shade. American gooseberries, R. hurtellum, are smaller but more resistant to mildew than European gooseberries, R. uva-crispa. Cornell University says American tends to be more productive and healthy.
LIMITATIONS:Thorny spines along the stem; needs good air circulation to prevent powdery mildew; imported currant worm, a sawfly larvae, can rapidly defoliate the entire plant.
ORIGIN:Europe and western Asia
CULTIVARS:Listed cultivars are not hardy for INT, however cultivars from Whitehorse (names unknown) are successful. ‘Hinnonmaki Red’, from Finland, red fruit, outstanding flavor, mildew resistant, productive.; ‘Hinnonmaki Yellow’ yellow fruit.; ‘Leepaared’ red purple fruit.; ‘Oregon Champion’ fruit similar to ‘Pixwell’ with glossy green leaves that turn red in fall.; ‘Pankiw’ very hardy; produces lots of fruit at a young age; medium sized fruit.; ‘Pixwell’ large green berries turn pink when ripe; fruit hangs away from the spines allowing easy harvest.; ‘Welcome’ pink to red berries; almost thornless.
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