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      Malus spp. (flowering crabapples)
    Crabapples, Flowering
       Deciduous Tree
HEIGHT:10 - 40 feet
SPREAD:8 - 25 feet
DISTINCTIONS:White or pink spring flowers; fruits less that 2" in diameter; hundreds of varieties; fruit attracts wildlife in winter.
LIMITATIONS:Needs well-drained soil and full sun; may be susceptible to sun scald and damage from salt spray; hardiness of root stock important; varieties hardy in INT are indicated; must be protected from moose browsing.
ORIGIN:Temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere
CULTIVARS:‘Adams’ dense, rounded canopy to 25' tall; red buds fade to pink flowers; red fruit 5/8" in diameter; ‘Almey’ upright spreading tree to 25' tall; maroon or purple-red buds and flowers; base of petals pale to whitish; maroon fruits 1" in diameter; susceptible to apple scab; ‘Centennial’ hardy in INT if from northern plant source and with winter protection; ‘Dolgo’ widespread, open habit to 40' tall; pink buds open to white profuse flowers; 1¼" diameter oval red fruit; fruit used for jelly and sauce; yellow orange autumn color; an excellent selection; hardy in INT if from northern grown plants and with winter protection; Grows in hills around Fairbanks but not reliable in valley; ‘Hopa’ spreading crown to 30' tall; red buds; white flowers; red fruits with yellowish side; not good for roadsides, does not tolerate salt or exhaust; a poor selection, other varieties are superior ornamentals; ‘Kelsey’ upright habit to 18' tall; purplish red buds and double flowers; 4/5" diameter shiny dark red fruits; not hardy in Fairbanks; ‘Pink Cascade’ weeping habit to 25' tall; pink flowers; red fruit; ‘Pink Spires’ upright habit; semi-columnar when young; copper colored leaves; dark lavender buds produce profuse pale flowers; purplish fruit; ‘Radiant’ round canopy to 25' tall; young leaves purplish changing to green; deep red buds; deep pink flowers; bright red ½" diameter fruit; a poor selection, other varieties are superior ornamentals; grows as bushy shrub in INT; ‘Rudolph’ upright form 20’ tall by 15’wide with low canopy, showy pink flowers and small, dark red fruit that persists into winter; ‘Red Jade’ weeping habit to 15' tall; graft incompatibilities can affect hardiness; deep pink buds; white flowers; glossy ½" diameter fruits; ‘Red Splendor’ upright canopy; dark reddish-green leaves; reddish purple fall color; rose-red buds; rose-pink flowers; red 3/5" diameter fruit; ‘Royalty’ upright canopy to 15' tall; excellent purple leaf color; purplish buds and flowers; 5/8" diameter dark red fruit; hardy in INT if from northern plant source and with winter protection; grows as bushy shrub in INT; ‘Selkirk’ Somewhat vase-shaped; 25’ by 25’; reddish green foliage; rose red, 1½ flowers; grows as bushy shrub in INT; ‘Sparkler’ flat-topped, wide, spreading tree; 15' tall by 25' wide; rose-red buds and flowers; dark red, 1/3" diameter fruit; ‘Spring Snow’ densely branched canopy to 25' tall; white buds and flowers; sterile (no fruit); ‘Thunderchild’ purplish leaves; pink flowers turning to white; dark red purple fruit; ‘Vanguard’ vase-shaped canopy to 18' tall; rose-red buds and flowers; 3/4" diameter red fruits; ‘White Angel’ rounded canopy; pink buds; profuse white flowers; heavy fruit production; glossy red 3/4" diameter fruits.
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