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      Malus baccata
    Siberian Crabapple
       Deciduous Tree
HEIGHT:20 - 50 feet
SPREAD:15 - 40 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Large spreading tree; small white fragrant flowers; yellow to red fruits; exceptionally hardy; a good rootstock for grafting in Alaska; often one parent in hybrid crosses for flowering crabapples.
LIMITATIONS:Drops its fruit early; susceptible to apple scab.
ORIGIN:Northeastern Asia
CULTIVARS:‘Columnaris’ densely upright columnar tree; poor flowering and fruiting; white flowers; yellow fruits, ½" in diameter, have a red cheek; susceptible to damage from snow loads. ‘Jackii’ has broad crown, deep green leaves, white flowers; purplish, maroon-red fruit; 30’-40’. var. mandschurica early white flowers; ½" bright red fruit; susceptible to apple scab and powdery mildew. ‘Trailman’ hardy in INT if grafted on proper rootstock and with winter protection; productive; 2” fruit, red over yellow; juicy and sweet.
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