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      Dasiphora fruticosa (Potentilla fruticosa)
    Potentilla ( Shrubby Bush Cinquefoil )
       Deciduous Shrub
HEIGHT:3 - 5 feet
SPREAD:2 - 4 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Flowers throughout the summer; fine texture; extremely hardy; tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions from dry to moist; many varieties and hybrids.
LIMITATIONS:Slow to leaf-out in the spring except in SE; rejuvenate with light pruning. Hardiness varies among cultivars; most non-yellow cultivars are not reliably hardy in INT.
ORIGIN:Northern Hemisphere
CULTIVARS:‘Abbotswood’ dark bluish green leaves; large white flowers; spreading habit.; ‘Coronation Triumph’ soft green leaves; dense mounded habit; profuse bright yellow 1" flowers.; ‘Daydawn’ peach and cream colored flowers fade to cream; tall mounded form.; ‘Friedrichsenii’ creamy white to pale yellow flowers; reliably hardy in INT.; ‘Gold Drop’ golden flowers; reliably hardy in INT. ; ‘Goldfinger’ compact mounded form; large bright yellow 1 3/4" flowers with dark green foliage.; ‘Goldstar’ abundant deep yellow-gold 2" diameter flowers; mildew resistant and trouble-free.; Hallman’s Dwarf’ dwarf, reaching only 1' tall.; ‘Jackman’ larger form; dark green leaves; many bright yellow 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" diameter flowers.; ‘Katherine Dykes’ arching branches; medium green leaves; many lemon yellow 1" flowers; may become twiggy and unattractive with age.; ‘McKay’s White’ creamy white flowers. Zone 3.; ‘Maanelys’ soft yellow 1 ¼" flowers fading as they age but remaining darker in the center; silky gray-green leaves, whitish underneath; low mounded habit.; ‘Mount Everest’ upright branching shrub; white flowers.; ‘Primrose Beauty’ small free-flowering shrub; 1 3/8" primrose flowers have a deeper colored center that fade with age; silvery green foliage.; ‘Red Ace’ 1" diameter flaming vermillion petals with yellow undersides; in heat or drought the flowers fade to yellow or pale orange-red; may be susceptible to spider mites and leaf scorch.; ‘Snowflake’ white semi-double flowers 1" in diameter.; ‘Tangerine’ medium yellow-washed with orange or copper-red; in full sun flowers are yellow; gray-green leaves; mounded, spreading shrub.
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