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      Rhododendron catawbiense
    Catawba Rhododendron
       Evergreen Shrub
HEIGHT:6 - 10 feet
SPREAD:5 - 8 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Large evergreen leaves; species has lavender flowers; parent of many excellent hybrids with 5"–6" flower clusters. Note: may be sold by some nurseries as H1 plants, which refers to hardiness. H2 and H3 are less hardy; flower buds hardy from -15° to -25°
LIMITATIONS:Needs protection from dry, winter wind; best grown on the western side of a building; protect buds from moose browsing; browning may occur in early spring when ground moisture is frozen and plant breaks dormancy.
ORIGIN:Allegheny Mountains, West Virginia to Georgia and Alabama.
CULTIVARS:‘Album’ (‘Catawbiense Album’) White flowers with greenish yellow markings, hardy to -25°; dark green foliage.; ‘Boule de Neige’ White flowers hardy to -25°; compact, mounding habit, leaves 4" long, dull, dark green; 5' tall; grown in Juneau.; ‘English Roseum’ Light rose flowers hardy to -25°; vigorous, compact plants with upright form.; ‘Everestianum’ Rosy lilac flowers, petals have frilled edges, hardy to -15°; heavy bloomer in Juneau where it does well in either sun or light shade.; ‘Henrietta Sargent’ Dark pink; compact form; 5' tall; grown in Juneau.; ‘Mrs. Charles Sargent’ Rose flowers with yellowish green markings, hardy to -25°; somewhat rounded and compact, tall.; ‘Nova Zembla’ Red flowers to -25°.; ‘Purpureum Elegans’ Violet flowers with orange-brown markings; hardy to -25°; grown in Juneau.; ‘Roseum Elegans’ Rose-lilac flowers to -25°; withstands temperature extremes.
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