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      Crataegus laevigata
    English Hawthorn
       Deciduous Tree
HEIGHT:15 - 20 feet
SPREAD:12 - 20 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Dense canopy with many branches and 1” thorns; dark green leaves with little autumn color; flowers white; ½” red fruit; prefers well-drained acid soils but can tolerate dry soils; full sun; cultivars offer most promise.
LIMITATIONS:Thorny branches; species and many cultivars are susceptible to leaf blight in wet locations.
ORIGIN:Europe and northern Africa
CULTIVARS:‘Aurea’ bright yellow fruits; ‘Crimson Cloud’ single red flowers; resistant to leaf blight; tolerate urban conditions; red hawthorn preferred for SE; ‘Paul's Scarlet’ double red showy flowers; very susceptible to leaf blight, especially in SE where trees are defoliated by blight; ‘Plena’ double white flowers with few fruits; ‘Rosea’ light rose colored flowers; ‘Rosea Flore Pleno’ double rose colored flowers.
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