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      Caragana arborescens
    Siberian Peashrub
       Deciduous Shrub
HEIGHT:15 - 20 feet
SPREAD:12 - 18 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Very easy to grow; extremely cold hardy and able to tolerate poor soils, drought, alkalinity, and salt; can be trained as a small tree; good for hedge, screen, windbreak where growing conditions are difficult; bright yellow flowers in mid-spring.
LIMITATIONS:Susceptible to leaf-hoppers and aphids; some plants are thorny; coarse untidy texture; can colonize from seeds and become invasive.
ORIGIN:Siberia and Mongolia
CULTIVARS:‘Lorbergii’ overall ferny appearance.; ‘Nana’ dwarf, stunted form with stiff contorted branches.; ‘Pendula’ weeping form.; ‘Sutherland’ upright form, good for hedge or screening.
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