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      Acer freemanii (Acer rubrum x Acer saccharinum)
    Freeman Maple
       Deciduous Tree
HEIGHT:45 - 70 feet
SPREAD:20 - 40 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Leaves deeply 5-lobed like silver maple; flowers greenish-yellow to red; fruit a samara, sometimes reddish maturing to brown; moist, well-drained soil but can withstand occasional periods of dry or wet soil; sun; fall color varies with cultivar.
LIMITATIONS:Can develop problems with graft incompatibility if not grown on its own roots.
HARDINESS:SC, SE (Zone 3 (4))
ORIGIN:Named for Oliver Freeman of the U.S. National Arboretum in 1969 who raised the hybrid selection in 1933
CULTIVARS:‘Autumn Blaze’® (‘Jeffersred’) broad oval shape with upright branching; improved structure over silver maple; multi-stem form available; sparse flowering, nearly seedless; excellent, long-lasting orange-red fall color; 40' wide; (Zone 3); ‘Celebration’™ (‘Celzam’); ‘Marmo’; ‘Scarlet Sentinel’™; Columnar with yellow-orange to orange-red fall color 45’ by 25’; ‘Sienna Glen’ (‘Sienna’) Pyramidal shape; good branching habit; vigorous growth; dark green leaves silver beneath; resistant to frost cracking; a selection from Minnesota, 40-60' tall, 30' wide; yellow, orange, red fall color; (Zone 3-4)
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