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      Humulus lupulus
    Common Hop ( European Hop )
HEIGHT:10 - 30 feet
SPREAD:0 - 0 feet
DISTINCTIONS:Lobed, coarse-textured leaves; cone-like flowers used in brewing beer and potpourri; can grow to 30' in one season with ample warmth.
LIMITATIONS:Stems are herbaceous, not woody; climbs by twining; dies back to the ground each year; cut the vines back to the ground at the end of the season; best growth on a warm wall; long season needed to produce hops; in Alaska, the flowers usually do not have enough time to mature before frost.
ORIGIN:Europe, western Asia, much of US; naturalized in many areas.
CULTIVARS:‘Blue Northern’ blue-green leaves; flowers early.; ‘Brewer’s Gold’ green leaves.; ‘Cascade’ medium to dark green leaves; small flowers.; ‘Nuggett’ yellowish-green leaves; proven hardy in some SC locations.; ‘Willamette’ medium green leaves.
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